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As legally certified tax consultants we’re allowed to represent you in front of the German tax authorities. Our service contains all necessary steps for the VAT compliance and the communication with the tax authorities.

1. Registration of the VAT number

TaxFBA informs you regarding your tax obligation in Germany and prepares and submits your registration documents to the necessary tax authorities. 

2. Application for Tax Certificate § 22F

We are happy to assist you with your application for the tax certificate §22F, which you need to submit at the online marketplaces. 

3. Monthly VAT Return

Our compliance team prepares your VAT return, lets you know the exact VAT periods and when your VAT return is due. 

4. Annual VAT declaration

TaxFBA prepares and files your annual VAT return you are obligated to submit at the end of the year. 

VAT Professional Consulting

Find out more about your VAT obligations, thresholds that are exceeded and other tax related concerns. Our experienced team of VAT-consultants is happy to assist you.

VAT Registration

In Europe registration is mandatory in each country where the local warehouses are used / where your products are stored. Should you have signed up for Amazon’s PAN-EU program, you need to register in all seven participating EU countries. In addition, registration might become relevant whenever certain thresholds are exceeded. Should your sales / products delivered from your warehouse or an Amazon fulfilment centre surpass a certain “Distance selling” threshold of another EU country, you will have to register for VAT in that country.

Monthly VAT Returns

As soon as you register for VAT in a country, you are required to file VAT returns, e.g. in Germany mostly on a monthly basis, which show all your taxable transactions in that specific period. TaxFBA and our team of experienced VAT consultants will file all necessary declarations on your behalf. 

VAT Germany
Onboarding - Registration DE - Tax Certificate §22F 459.00 €
VAT Return (monthly) - Annual VAT Return 1,536.00 € *
*Please note: This quote is for 12 months, so it may be reduced depending on your start date
Data export to accountants EU 29.00 €
Onboarding - Registration AT 459.00 €

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